ArtisBox Play
Elegant Home
Art Colorful Color
True Wireless
Hi-fi Class Acoustic
Unique Art Deco Design
A new form of home background music

Art background audio system for modern home furnishing

Integrated fresco appearance different from traditional audio systems

ArtisBox Series Wall-mounted Speaker

It is a beautiful home boutique

Naturally match with different space and décor style

“Our original design intention is to make ArtisBox 1 as
playable and audible modern artwork.”

—— By Mr. Bin, ORVIBO industrial designer

A New Form of Home Background Music
New Seven Colors Artistic Style
Based on the light luxury art trend, new colorful color matching is added to suit your personalized
home space.
Unforgettable amazing
Noble and easy-going tones
symbolizing intuition and revelation
When you hold your breath
it's like being in a secret garden
Create a corner for your home that
belongs to a fairy tale
Show fashion temperament
in modern home
Free, unrestrained
full of enthusiasm
Neutral colors
with generous temperament and fortitude
Elaborated Wall Art Works
Amazing not limited to one part
Connect Your Phone and Tablet to Listen to Your Playlist
You can connect your phone and tablet via bluetooth to play tracks at will
Pairing to Form a Stereo, the Audio-visual is More Shocking

Built-in TWS (Ture Wireless Streeo) Bluetooth chip, two ArtisBox Plays are paired via Bluetooth to form left

and right channels.Spatial stereo combination to create a higher-end sound quality enjoyment.

Natural enthusiast-level sound effect

Through DSP sound effect operation, combined with cavity segmented EQ control, and DRC

dynamic range compression to ensure large dynamic distortion and less; The speaker uses 8 full

frequency high-quality Nd-Fe-B speaker array layout to achieve Hi-Fi sound effect.

Sound unit
Sound calculation
High Efficiency
Digital power amplifier

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